Lineage 2 Fever Private Interlude Server
x500 XP x500 SP x500 Adena

Enchant rate: 65% / Safe +3 / Max +18

Uniq features & gameplay

Stable build with daily updates and backups

No grade/weight penalty

Auto learning skills including noblesse

More things you will discover in game

Contact e-mail:

For thoose that want to help us !!! (rewards list)

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For thoose that want to help us !!! (rewards list) Empty For thoose that want to help us !!! (rewards list)

Post  = Fever = on Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:48 am

Arrow In order to buy a new domain and a hosting space we have decided to make a short rewards list for thoose that want to help us with some funds

Arrow If you like to play on our server you can make a donation in the name of your will to support this free server L2Fever and help keeping it up for the future. The monthly costs of running gameserver/webserver are high. If you want to help L2Fever - donate !

Arrow By submitting any type of monetary unit to L2Fever, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from L2Fever. This form of donation is completely voluntary, and is for the good of the server.

Arrow Rewards are given to those who have donated as a thanks to you for your continued support of the server.

45 euros = Divine Armor Set +18 / Divine Weapon + 18 / Jwls Set +18

30 euros = Full Clan Level 8

30 euros = 100 GoldBars

30 euros = 50 x Hero Coins

30 euros = 30 x Evil Powers

20 euros = Divine Armor Set +18

20 euros = Jwls Set +18

15 euros = Divine Weapon +18

15 euros = All pk sins removed

10 euros = 3000 Quick Healing Potions

10 euros = 15 LifeStones

10 euros = Wyvern

Idea For other questions or informations please contact us by e-mail

Idea Contact & PayPal address:
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